The fastest way to get accurate user feedback

Launch targeted in-product surveys to test product assumptions, understand user behaviors and measure NPS.

Powering product and research teams in fastest growing companies

30% average response rates

in-product surveys get 10x response rates of email surveys

2 minutes to launch studies

Configure and launch surveys directly from the dashboard.

Hyper relevant insights

Ask the right users at the right time to get highly actionable feedback

Use cases for mobile & web products

Discover product gaps

Continuously optimise your product by uncovering experience gaps and collecting feature requests.

Understand customer behaviours

Quickly understand why certain customers use or don’t use your product as intended

Monitor In-product NPS

Accurately measure experience NPS after critical product flows to predict user churn and discover aha moments!

How it works


Low code integration into your apps & website

It takes 20 lines code to integrate Blitzllama’s SDK into the app or website.


Configure your in-product survey

Choose questions from 50+ templates or create your own. Define the audience and choose the survey trigger event.

Choose audience

Select triggers

Configure UX guardrails


Launch survey and analyze the feedback

Launching surveys doesn’t require new product releases. feedback data is auto categorized and auto translated to provide you insights in real time.

Auto analysed responses

Follow up with similar answers from users

Export or download all data


No-code UI customization to match your brand

Guardrails to protect user experience

Re-survey waiting period
Settings to prevent your users from getting over-surveyed
Auto-pause surveys
Surveys stop running when responses cross a statistical confidence threshold

Data filters to remove spam feedback & reduce bias

Native integrations with Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment and other tools

50+ survey templates to help you get started

Extensive Multi-lingual support

Text, audio & image based question types available

Start for free!

You can use Blitzllama free, forever. Upgrade to paid only if you need to cross the free usage limits.