Discover why your users
sign up

to build better products

Launch no-code & contextual micro-surveys to understand users in real time


Get 10x higher responses through in-product surveys

Target specific user segments
Trigger at key points of a user’s journey

Customize and instantly launch anywhere in your app

Visually select where and when you want your survey to show up in-app
Customise the UI to match your brand

Goal based templates

Well researched, pre-filled and made for product research

Launch new features

Evaluate CX, prioritize roadmaps.test new concepts and more

Acquire customers

Identify customer goals, understand brand perception etc.,

Recruit Interview Participants

Recruit participants directly, Build a research panel and more.

Improve existing features

Evaluate UX, Gauge satisfaction, Measure reliability and many more

Measure CX

Measure CES,CSAT, NPS. Measure product value etc.,

Onboard customers

Understand user expectations, improve sign up flow etc.,

& many more


Empower all teams to listen to the voice of the customer

Allow everyone in your company to launch surveys with no code
Share insights & collaborate with marketing to business teams

Auto-analyse textual responses

Leave the hard work to us! Our advanced NLP algorithms pick key take-aways from every response so that you don’t have to spend hours reading everything!

Integrate with your favourite tools

It takes just 10 minutes to integrate

Your users will love it!

Prevent re-surveying the same users

Great, customisable UI & UX

Less intrusive than email & SMS surveys

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