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Survey users at key product moments & learn from them in realtime

An easy, self-serve user research platform designed for innovative & fast-growing startups to build better products, faster.



Trusted by fast growing startups


MAUs tracked


Insights generated


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Users dropping off during onboarding, before transacting, and other critical flows?

Find out “why” using BlitzSurveys

Ask your users questions instantly after they complete key actions

Target users based on properties & behaviors

Launch surveys without an app release

Get AI generated insights that reveal your user’s expectations

Accurate summaries of responses

Actionable recommendations & next steps

Personalize to your user’s language preferences

Study your multilingual user base with real-time language translations

Customize to match your brand & not ours

Launch surveys that match your product’s unique UI guidelines

Here’s how it works


Integrate in 15 minutes

Start by quickly integrating Blitzllama’s SDK into your app


Sync cohorts & create triggers

Tell us “who” you want to survey inside your product and “when” in the journey.


Create & launch BlitzSurveys

Use goal based templates or create your own questionnaires


Get insights in minutes

Our AI continuously generates insights from user responses

How teams use Blitzllama today!


Improve onboarding

Evaluate new feature ideas

Measure problem-feature fit

Generate new product ideas

User researchers

Measure CES, CSAT, NPS

Discover why users drop-off

Optimize user journeys

Improve product look & feel


Optimize user acquisition

Understand branding perception

Understand visitor & user goals

Optimize language-market fit

Connect with the
tools you already use

Sync exisiting user attributes & cohorts

Download & export all user insights

The ultimate in-product user research platform!

Blitzllama replaces the 6+ tools that you may use for user research

Trusted by the best startups out there!

“We used to spend weeks looking at data & running experiments to understand why our users were dropping off at a critical flow inside the app but now we learn directly from the users, in just a few hours!”


Sr. Product Manager

“Continuously researching our users through Blitzllama helped us understand what features not to build and what features to double down on - saving us months of product development cycles.”


Chief Product Officer

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