ChatGPT for user feedback data

A single, searchable feedback repository makes it easy to search historical feedback and track feedback trends in real time.

Powering product and research teams in fastest growing companies

Get instant insights about your users’ most puzzling behaviours

Single repository for all in-product feedback data

ChatGPT powered search & summarisation

Save charts & dashboards to monitor trends

Use cases

Automated feedback analysis

Save hours in categorizing feedback data and track feedback trends in real time.

Insights from historical feedback data

Confidently prioritize your work by answering questions like "How many users have experienced pricing issues?" or "What caused power users to churn due to crashes?" with ease.


Single feedback repository

Feedback data across all surveys is stored into a single repository making it easy to access.

Auto categorization & translation

AI categories all textual feedback by topics, sentiment and recommendations.

Text-based query builder

Use sentiment, cohort and other filters to analyze the feedback data and generate insights in minutes.

Save charts and dashboards

Save charts from your analysis and share it with your team to track feedback trends.

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